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Before anything else, enjoy a long lasting ride with BOMBAE Condoms. Are you looking for the finest & foremost condom for you? Are you looking for out of the common flavours for your adventurous moment? Are you looking for a great singular Package? Look no further than Bombae Condoms. Bombae brings Oneness. Bombae is UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE, STYLISH, FLAVORFUL, AUTHENTIC and SUPREME Condom for you. Bombae is premium. With Bombae, you are aware about the product, about the uses, about the quality, and about the different varieties. Bombae condoms deliver you and your bae closeness with a promise to make every moment pleasurable and remarkable. Our condoms are crafted with your needs in mind, and you get a choice to select from a wide range of exclusive flavours and types. So, why wait? Add BomBAE to your cart.



Before anything else, Enjoy a long-lasting ride with BOMBAE Condoms.

Are you looking for the finest & foremost condom for you?

Are you looking for out-of-the-common flavours for your adventurous moment? Are you looking for a great singular Package?


Team Virgo Believes in the philosophy to keep striving for the best quality premium products at affordable prices. Virgo believes in the highest standard of certifications at international levels. To be able to provide cost-effective, innovative, and superior quality pharma OTC products across the globe that improve consumer health.



If you are looking for well-lubricated and great-fit condoms, then without any second thought, you can opt for Bombae Condoms. They have exclusive flavours and types that fit any mood.

I highly recommend Bombae Condoms for everyone with sensitive skin. This is just the rice choice as it does not cause any irritation or rashes and is too comfortable for the wearer.

It is nice and well-lubricated. A very soft and latex free condom. It is so thin that it feels good when worn. Because of its lubrication it is easy to wear and increases pleasure during intimacy.



What is so special about Strawberry & Cream 3-in-1 Bombae Condoms?

Strawberry & Cream 3-in-1

The Strawberry & Cream 3-in-1 flavoured Bombae Condoms will maximize your sensory experience and make your encounter memorable. You will experience increased sensuality as a result of its one-of-a-kind smoothness and texture.

What are the benefits of using Black Grapes Extra Time with 1600 Dots Bombae Condoms?

Black Grapes Extra Time with 1600 Dots:

As the name suggests, these Bombae Condoms are designed with 1600 dots which allows you to feel more pleasurable, and you also get extra time to enjoy your moment. 

What is the unique quality of Chocolate Fudge Super Dots Bombae Condoms?

Chocolate Fudge Super Dots:

Chocolate Fudge Super Dots flavoured Condoms come with super dots that shape your experience in a unique way, particularly pleasurable due to the increased friction. Besides this, it also has a unique flavour that you might not get easily.

What does the "3-in-1" refer to in the name Cotton Candy?

Cotton Candy 3-in-1:

The name Cotton Candy 3-in-1 refers to the three unique characteristics that it possesses. In order to maximize the sensual experience, it has additional dots, ribs, and contours.

What is the benefit of ultra-thin condoms?

Bombae Silk Ultra Thin

Thinner latex is used to create ultra-thin condoms, which report increased sensation while engaging in sexual activities. The increased sensitivity and pleasure are the intended result of its design. Bombae Silk Ultra Thin serves this purpose. They are more durable than regular condoms and protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies just as well.

Which condoms are to be used to get some extra time for naughtiness?

Passion Fruit Extra Time With Enhanced Dots

Passion Fruit Extra Time With Enhanced Dots Bombae Condoms are the right choice to get the essence of love with exotic fragrances for a longer period of time.

What are mango-flavoured Bombae Condoms?

Mango Super Dots

  • A romantic atmosphere created with mango condoms will keep them in a good mood all through the night. The mango flavour is an icing on the cake, providing a better fit to increase enjoyment and feeling between you and your partner.